Life is all about balance!

A Balanced Life

TCM believes our life is made of body, soul and spirit. Our flesh (Genesis 2:7a) needs life-force (Genesis 2:7b) to sustain it and have meanning for it (Genesis 1:27). It is kind of Ying (material) and Yang (energy) symbiotic systems.

Life is all about balance!

With more than 3,000 years practice, TCM has collected tons of data.

Old Wife's Tale?

Grandma's Receipt?

Placebo Effect?

Treasure from our Forefathers?

Which ones truly work and which ones are not?

When the specific "myth" that was proposed and been experimentd by over 100 Friends of TCM personally. The result will be moved to this section.


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Friends of TCM

Friends of TC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) are based in Silicon Valley. We love TCM and believe there is merit in it. We also like you to join us to test out what is real and what is myth. So we can all be benefited from it.